Cates Auction Named in Late Customer’s Will

The Best Review a Company Could Ever Get!


Cates Auction sold the home and furnishings of the late Verlin Felton.

There’s a name in Kansas City when it comes to real estate auctions and estate services and it’s one of the most trusted in the business.  Cates Auction & Realty Company’s innovative marketing technology coupled with its online competitive bidding marketplace is going to change the way you think about selling and buying.

This isn’t your grandfather’s auction.  “While I cherish the days of working side by side with my grandfather and father mesmerized by their rhythmic auction chant and the image of them working the crowd in their Stetson hats, we don’t hold auctions in the traditional sense anymore. “Cates says. “We’ve truly evolved into an innovative marketing technology company that’s harnessed the power of competitive bidding to provide one-stop services to real estate, estate and downsizing clients.  Everything we do is online now because that’s where the buyers and sellers are and that’s where we’ve got to engage with them.”

When Cates received a call from the daughter of one of their long-time customer’s they were heart-broken to find out he had passed away.  The daughter lived out-of-state and really didn’t know where to start and was calling for help.  Her dad had listed Cates Auction in the will to handle the sale of his cherished home, treasured Cadillac, prized power equipment and home furnishings.  She had remembered her dad mentioning over the years that Cates Auction was the best in the business and was now comforted by the fact that he had planned out and written down how he wanted his estate handled.

Cates Luxury Home Auction

Cates Auction sold the home of the late Cerner CEO, Neal Patterson.

Imagine her relief knowing that everything would be taken care of from start to finish. Cates managed every detail in the process from property cleanup, organizing, staging, cataloging, photography, videography, creative design, digital marketing, social media, sale of the assets, invoicing, collection of proceeds to the closing of the real estate transaction. Cates even referred her to a preferred probate/estate planning attorney to make sure everything was in order before they started the process.

“When someone trusts your company enough to include you in their estate planning and ultimately write you into their will or trust, I’d say that’s the best customer review you could ever get.  We couldn’t be more honored and humbled they did so.” said Jeff Cates, CEO

About Us

Cates Auction & Realty Company is a 4th generation family-owned auction and real estate firm founded in 1942.

Whether you’re looking to sell real estate, settle an estate or downsize to a smaller place, Cates offers everything you need to successfully achieve the results while providing peace of mind through a more simplified, less stressful process.

Learn more about Cates Auction, their real estate, estate, and downsizing services by visiting Or contact us here or by calling 816-781-1134 for more information.

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