Auction Drives Action


Cates Auction is a premier real estate marketing firm specializing in selling homes, land, and commercial properties. Our award-winning technology and innovative approach revolutionizes the way real estate is sold.

Conventional selling doesn’t always make sense.

For Sellers:

When it comes to supply and demand, especially in real estate, demand always calls the shots. That’s why we’ve created an innovative online marketplace for competitive bidding, geared toward bringing buyers to the table.

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sell real estate online

True Market Value.

Fixed Timelines.

Max Market Penetration.

buy real estate online

Full Transparency.

Simplified Closing.

Be in Control.

For Buyers:

Auction levels the playing field when it comes to buying land, residential, and commercial real estate. For over 75 years, we have provided buyers with an open and transparent way to bid-on and buy quality real estate.

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When time and results matter.

For Agents:

Designed to give agents a competitive edge. There’s simply no way to bring the market to a property faster than with Cates.

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Boost Referrals.

Save Time and Trouble.

Differentiate Yourself.

Dust Off Your Doormat

Our Legacy


Since 1942, we’ve been transforming the way that real estate is marketed, managed, and sold. Our unrivaled marketing technology accelerates the auction timeline and connects buyers and sellers to the next step in their journey.

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