Real Estate Marketing Tips

Analysts expect the U.S. real estate market to reach a market volume of $142.9 trillion by 2028. It’s common knowledge that the industry is competitive, and creative real estate marketing is critical for agents to stand out and make sales. The world of marketing has changed. As an agent, you must keep up with the latest trends to connect with audiences looking to buy what you’re selling. 

Although marketing has become more complex, some simple tips are all you need to reach the right people at the right time. 

Why Is Effective Marketing Important in the Real Estate Industry? 

Buying a home is a priority for 84% of Americans, and the homebuying spree in recent years has made the real estate market more competitive. Reaching your target market and making sales requires you to stand out. As clients’ needs change, your marketing efforts must remain agile. The best marketing for realtors involves embracing digital trends, getting creative and educating people instead of confusing them. 

Effective marketing helps you connect with the right buyers, improves your online presence, generates leads and boosts your credibility. Combining traditional and innovative marketing methods can help attract the right buyers, allowing you to generate and nurture leads and boost your agency’s profitability. 

12 Real Estate Marketing Tips

Part of successful real estate marketing in today’s industry is getting creative. When potential buyers are bombarded with information, giving them more of the same may fall short of grabbing their attention. Remember to stand out and build meaningful connections with potential buyers when creating a marketing plan. 

Some actionable real estate marketing ideas include: 

1. Connect With Your Audience

The first step to becoming a client’s first choice is ensuring you’re talking to the right people. Consider your strengths and whether you target a specific niche. Like any effective business model, you must play to your abilities — narrowing down your target market means you can position yourself as the agent who best meets their needs. 

You need to know as much about your audience as possible to bring something unique to your audience — research demographics, preferences and the most effective communication methods. Ask yourself what they want and how you can give it to them in a way that other agents can’t. 

2. Understand the Market

Market trends and demand influence how you connect with clients. Staying on top of what’s happening in your market is critical to effective marketing. Artificial intelligence (AI) transforms the industry with predictive analytics, allowing agents to forecast trends and make more accurate predictions. 

Another critical element of the market is the competitive landscape. Identify your key competitors and what they offer. Consider their marketing strategy and look for what they aren’t doing so you can step in. 

3. Build an Online Presence

With 93% of buyers using online websites to search for homes in the U.S., a seamless, aesthetically appealing online presence is your most potent marketing tool. Your online presence begins with a website, and it takes users 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about a website. Yours should load quickly and provide a stellar user experience. 

Imagine you’re interacting with a website for the first time. High-quality images, video and infographics are likely to capture your attention. You’re also more likely to connect with a buyer with detailed property listings. 

A big part of your website is brand awareness. Your logo, brand voice and aesthetic should convey professionalism and show that they can trust you to act in your best interests. 

4. Optimize for Search Engines

As much as 93% of global web traffic comes from Google. If you want people to see your listings and connect with your brand, you need to appear in search results. Take the following steps to improve your chances: 

  • Conduct keyword research: Every industry has specific keywords you can target in your listings and website. Conduct thorough keyword research to find out which phrases to target. 
  • Create quality content: Use your keywords to create a web page and blog content across all platforms. 
  • Use local keywords: Using local keywords targets an audience in your area. 

5. Craft Engaging Content

A common mistake agents make is focusing exclusively on listings. Educate your audience as well as sell to them by crafting informative articles. Make your content relevant to your target audience, positioning yourself as an authority in your industry and building trust. 

Consider what your ideal client wants to know and provide that information, complete with relevant keywords and engaging images. Your website is the perfect opportunity to showcase your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader. 

6. Use Social Media

An active and engaging social media presence keeps your brand at the forefront of your audience’s minds. Set aside time to answer questions on local Facebook groups, showcase your listed properties on Instagram and provide prospective clients with as many opportunities to connect with you as possible. 

7. Partner With the Local Community

Part of your business is serving your area, so making local connections is essential to your success. Invite other local companies to participate in a local house event and partner with them to cross-promote each other’s businesses. Sponsor events or charities and build relationships with nearby real estate associations and organizations. Position yourself as a local authority with a column in a magazine or appearing on radio and TV slots. 

8. Leverage Traditional Marketing Methods

Digital marketing is one of many avenues available in your marketing arsenal. Traditional real estate marketing materials are still effective in targeting specific locations. As many agents have transitioned entirely to digital marketing, traditional print advertising, like magazines and newspapers, lets you differentiate yourself from your competition. Outdoor advertising, such as billboards, can also be a potent tool in your campaign. 

9. Focus on Quality Photography

Aesthetics have always been critical in real estate. With most buyers beginning their searches online, your photographs must stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression. A professional real estate photographer is a sound investment and an asset to your business, boosting sales and adding an air of professionalism to your listings. 

10. Track and Analyze Your Results

Use analytics tools to measure your website and listing performance. With actionable data on conversion rates and user behavior, you can see what works and identify opportunities for improvement, adjusting your strategy to align with market trends. 

11. Offer Virtual Tours

Virtual tours have transformed the market since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovative technology allows viewers to view every nook and cranny of a property from home. You can make your listing more accessible with live tours or add the immersive and interactive qualities of the virtual experience, letting potential buyers explore at their own pace. 

12. Sell at Auction

Partnering with a quality auction service has considerable benefits when selling or buying properties. It focuses people’s attention on a single property and clarifies when it will be sold. You’re also more likely to get true market value for the properties you sell. The auction service handles the marketing with customized campaigns, showcasing your skills to buyers and sellers. 

Working with an auction service is a partnership, and they work with you to sell property, even if you’re on a finite timeline. If you want to combine traditional real estate with auction and bring a property to market fast, auction services are an effective solution. 

Partner With Cates Auction & Realty Company When Time and Results Matter

Effective marketing can be challenging for agents. It’s time-consuming and hit-and-miss, and how you approach it could decide whether or not you make a sale. As auction experts for four generations, Cates Auction and Realty Company brings buyers and sellers together with unparalleled marketing when you need it most. 

Our relationship with you is a partnership — accelerating the timeline is a shared goal. We’ll develop a full-stack marketing strategy that empowers you through every step in the process, streamlining the sales timeline and getting the desired results. Contact us to learn more and elevate your next sale today!

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