Save Your Money! What Not to Fix Before Selling Your Home

Many sellers want to get the most value when putting their homes on the market. You’ll get higher offers if you have impressive features that prove the home is move-in ready. However, some renovations aren’t worth the investment. At Cates Auction & Realty Company, we’ll cover what not to fix when selling a house. 

1. Little Details

While you’ll want to repair any significant damage, blemishes like scratched countertops, chipped cabinets or cracked tiles aren’t much to worry about. The next owner can determine if, when and how to patch minor issues. 

2. Flooring 

You can do a lot to improve your existing flooring before buying new boards, tile or carpeting. Simply refinishing your floorboards or giving the carpet a deep cleaning can add sparkle at a low cost.  

3. Major Renovations

If your home needs a substantial upgrade, it’s best to let the next owner handle it. For instance, an older home may have a structural issue that was acceptable previously but violates today’s codes. Unless it causes an issue during the inspection, leave the decision to the next owner to save yourself thousands of dollars. 

4. Innocuous Electricity Repairs

While repairing major electrical hazards is essential, some are less critical. If the old wiring, disconnected light switch, loose socket or old outlet hasn’t been a significant issue while you’ve lived there, it’ll be fine to leave for the next owner to update if they choose. 

What Things Are the Seller’s Obligation to Fix When Selling a House?

You can skip over many renovations to save money, but some issues may impact the final offer. As a seller, you should address defects and safety risks like broken smoke detectors, significant water damage, mold, termites or a faulty furnace — issues that will arise during an inspection. 

Get the Highest Return on Your Investment With Cates Auction & Realty Company

At Cates Auction & Realty Company, we offer a reliable way to maximize your return when you’re ready to sell your home. Partner with us to sell your Missouri or Kansas property at auction. Our process encourages competition and urgency for higher offers. We ensure deals go through by waving the contingencies that cause buyers to back out or request renovations. 

If you are interested in maximizing your return, contact us online today! 

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