11 Simple Fixes to Make Before Selling Your Home

Knowing what to fix when selling a house can help you attract more buyers and possibly even get a better price for your property. 

You may have questions about what to fix before selling, such as:

  • What things are the seller’s obligation to fix when selling a house? 
  • What makes the most sense for me to tackle? 
  • How much money does it make sense to spend on improving my home? 

If you have questions, this guide can help you find answers.

Structural Improvements to Make Before Selling in the KC Area

If you’re trying to decide what to fix in your home before selling, you might want to think about larger, structural projects first. While these fixes may require professional contractors, they can also mean a better return on your investment: 

  • Pet damage repairs: If your pets have caused damage to drywall, flooring and other parts of your home, repairing or replacing these areas can create a good first impression and make your home look well maintained. 
  • Roof replacement: An old roof at risk of leaks can cause poor ventilation and look unsightly. A new roof is a selling point for your property, especially if it’s still under warranty. 
  • Update carbon monoxide and smoke detectors: Check your local and state laws to ensure your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are correctly positioned and up to code. 
  • Electrical and plumbing repairs: Updating your electrical entrance, installing GFCI outlets and receptacles in kitchens and bathrooms and ensuring your plumbing systems are updated and working well can help you get a better price on your home. 
  • Foundation issues: Problems with the foundation can come up in any home inspection and can decrease the value of your home. While it can be costly to repair a foundation or even a foundation crack, structural integrity can be a major issue for buyers. Foundation problems can make your home hard to sell.

Cosmetic Improvements to Make Before Selling 

Not every fix you’ll want to make to your home before selling requires a professional or a big budget. These cosmetic fixes are often DIY projects that can impress buyers: 

  • Apply fresh paint: Paint the indoors and outdoors, if you can, especially anywhere you see scuffs, stains or peeling or chipped paint. Fresh paint makes your home look updated and fresh.You can even make your home look more modern by using a trendy color or making a space look larger with a pale shade. 
  • Improve your curb appeal: Go outside and take a picture of your front lawn and entranceway. This is the first impression your home makes. Working with the photo, consider anything you can do to make the home look more appealing at first glance. Can you repaint, trim back bushes or overseed to get a lush lawn? 
  • Invest in kitchen upgrades: A full kitchen remodel is expensive, but you can often have almost as big an impact on the selling price by making a few fixes yourself. Upgrade old cabinet hardware, repaint the cupboards, replace the backsplash and install updated counters. This can make the space look terrific with minimal investment. 
  • Buy new appliances: Old appliances stand out and represent a big expense for your buyers, especially if your stove, fridge and other appliances look worn. If you can update with newer, used appliances or buy brand new, it can make your kitchen look remodeled, without the big price tag. 
  • Install better lighting: Replace old flush mount dome light fixtures with modern fixtures. This can cost less than $100 per light and makes your home look current. Better lights can also make your home look larger and brighter, which can attract buyers.
  • Add fresh grout: Fresh grout between tiles can make your bathroom and floors look new. It can also help prevent water damage in some cases, and all it takes is a few hours and a tube from your home hardware store for this DIY project. 

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