7 Things to Know Before Moving to Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri, is a thriving city with delicious barbecue, friendly people and a downtown hub that comes alive at night with food trucks and music performances. It’s a great place to move, whether you want to raise a family, flourish in a career, retire or invest in properties. 

Kansas City’s early developers gathered inspiration from the boulevards in Paris. That’s why you can find over 130 miles of practical and aesthetically pleasing passageways throughout the town today. Check out this list to learn more about Kansas City culture. 

1. Living Here Means Commuting Less

You can experience the thrill of living in a popular city without the standard traffic and rush hours. On average, the commute to work is less than 24 minutes

2. The Cost of Living Is Lower Than the Average

You can save more on housing, transportation and food expenses when you move to Kansas City, Missouri. The cost of living is around 2.1% lower than the nation’s average. 

3. You Can Experience Four Distinct Seasons

It’s best to diversify your wardrobe with items ranging from flip-flops and hats to boots and jackets. The area features springs, humid summers, vibrant falls and snowy winters. 

4. It’s the Barbecue Capital of the United States

If you like barbecue, you’ll love relocating to Kansas City, Missouri. You can satisfy your craving for this signature cuisine at more than 100 mouth-watering restaurants in the area. 

5. Some of the Farmers Markets Are Award-Winning

The Midwest has delightful farmer’s markets! Cooking Light magazine named the Overland Park Farmers Market the best in the city — plus, there are dozens of other markets to explore throughout town whether you’re free mid-week or on the weekend.

6. The City Features Tons of Parks and Outdoor Spaces

Want to experience a relaxing oasis or adventure in the outdoors? The city has over 12,000 acres of parkland, with more than 220 parks. You can travel through almost 160 miles of bikeways and trails with scenic views.

7. City Planners Got Inspiration From the Fountains in Rome

Feel like you’re traveling abroad when you walk through the “City of Fountains.” Early city planners got inspiration from the fountains in Rome, resulting in over 200 displays across the metropolitan area. 

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