3 Real Estate Tips You Should Probably Ignore

Friends, family and colleagues often offer real estate tips when they learn you’re in the market to sell a property. Learn what doesn’t work and which real estate tips to ignore so you can set yourself up for success. 

Typically, good recommendations are relevant to your situation and backed by experience. While many people want to offer guidance, it’s best to identify which suggestions have the most expertise, authority and trustworthiness to support them. Here’s our list of real estate pitfalls you can avoid throughout your property-selling process. 

1. Selling Your Property in Spring

Traditionally, real estate sales reached their peak during spring. Many buyers used to align their purchase timeframes with kids’ school schedules, whereas today’s market shows more diversity. Some alternative priorities include investing, flipping and selling, making a rental income or starting a business. 

Should you sell your property in the summer, fall or winter? The best time to sell your property depends on the other options on the market. Research real estate in your area to determine when the available quantities are the lowest. Less competition can help you get offers quickly. 

2. Setting a High Asking Price and Waiting for Offers

Overpricing your property is a bad real estate tip for many reasons — today’s buyers have access to more research than ever before. Resources like the internet, apps, books and articles provide insight into comparable properties, making it easy for anyone to identify when a listing is overpriced.

Many technology-based systems include filtered results, allowing shoppers to see options in their desired price range. If you list your property at a higher-than-average price, the shoppers who can afford your property may not see your listing. This decision may keep your property from selling for weeks or months, prolonging the process for everyone involved. 

3. Relying on an Open House to Sell a Property

When many people think of real estate, they assume they have to sell their property through showings at open houses. While this strategy is common, you can interest buyers in other ways. Auctions offer a smart, innovative alternative for you to explore. 

Today’s market allows you to promote your auction’s specific time and date online. The advertisements offer a way to reach a wide audience. You can attract buyers across the city, state, country or globe. 

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