Benefits of Our Auction “Terms & Conditions”

When you choose to sell your Kansas City metro-area real estate at auction with the help of Cates Auction & Realty Company, you get access to a host of valuable benefits that are not always available from traditional real estate agents. These include a faster sales cycle, the ability to sell your property on a specific date and the advantage of saturation marketing to reach the highest number of qualified buyers. There are also several additional benefits you might not be aware of. All of these benefits apply to all types of our real estate auctions including residential, land, and commercial properties.

Selling Your Home in “as Is” Condition

The auction process enables you to sell your home in its current state – you don’t have to worry about catering to a real estate agent’s or buyer’s demands for changes or renovations. Thus, the true benefit of selling a house “as is” is that it saves you the time, hassle and expense involved with making repairs or modifications you don’t want to make.

Selling Your Home at True Market Value

The one identifiable characteristic of the real estate market is that it fluctuates constantly based on a variety of factors. The beauty of selling your home at auction is that it is built on the element of competitive bidding, enabling you to receive the true market value for your home at any given time. You sell to the person willing to pay you the most! The benefit of selling at true market value is that it eliminates the risk of over- or underpricing.

Dealing With Truly Committed Buyers

A major headache when selling a home on the traditional real estate market is that the sales contract usually allows the buyer to back out of the deal easily, by requiring only a minimal refundable deposit. Our auction process requires the buyer to make a binding financial commitment by making a sizeable, non-refundable earnest money payment. What is earnest money? It is simply a deposit  made by the buyer at the time of contract signing. The benefits of an auction earnest money deposit include not having to deal with tire kickers who don’t have a sincere interest in your property, as well as the increased likelihood of a successful closing.

Contingency-Free Sale

A traditional real estate contract often includes a list of requirements that must be met to the buyer’s satisfaction in order for the sale to go through. These are essentially “outs” for the buyer. They contingencies can include the buyer’s ability to secure financing, resolution of  home inspection findings and getting a property to appraise at a particular level, just to name a few. There are no contingencies allowed with our sales process! This helps ensure a successful, faster, and smoother sale transaction.

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