How Auction Can Help You Sell Your House Fast

Many of our clients are looking to sell their homes or property fast in order to get on with new adventures, and they don’t have months to spend trying to sell, pack up and move out of their houses. They also don’t want to give their houses away! At Cates Auction, we facilitate home auctions that make selling your home fast, at its true market value. How to sell your home fast

What Makes Auction The Fastest Way to Sell Real Estate

Wondering how to sell a real estate in Kansas City in a month or less – for true market value? A home auction is the fast, easy, effective, and hassle-free method that also helps you capture the greatest return on your real estate investment. With a professionally marketed home auction, you benefit from:
  • Quick Turnaround: Your property will be sold in 30 days or less. This is particularly important for anyone with high carrying costs or whose next move is on hold until the house sells. It’s also a benefit for anyone downsizing to a community that offers incentives for move-ins by a certain date. You don’t need the added stress of an open-ended listing.
  • Focused Attention: A home auction offers the unique opportunity to focus all of the attention on your property alone. In a traditional home purchasing process, prospective buyers may be looking at dozens of homes and putting in offers on several. An auction captures that attention and focuses it on your property.
  • Remaining in Control: There’s no wondering when your property will be sold. You set the date of the sale, and you can build your organizing, packing, and moving schedules around that date.
  • Effective Marketing Opportunities: A home auction creates a sense of urgency that can be leveraged through ”saturation marketing”. Getting the greatest return on your home is all about market exposure and motivating buyers to act. Accelerated auction marketing is the perfect approach to maximizing both. Cates Auction & Realty’s saturation marketing includes but is not limited to:
    • Digital advertising, listing services, online promotions
    • Direct mail, telemarketing
    • Newspaper, emails, brochures
    • Realtor broadcasts, signage
  • Realizing True Market Value: There’s a lot of guesswork in a typical home sale. You start by guessing at a list price. If your home sells quickly, it’s likely you left money on the table. IF your home lingers on the market, it’s likely you overpriced it. A home auction surfaces the buyer willing to pay the most. That’s true market value.
  • Keeping it Simple: The straightforward terms of a home auction mean your property sells “as is” and without contingencies. You don’t need to do any additional work to it and you don’t have to worry about negotiating with demanding buyers. Even better, the buyer also pays the sales commission!
  • Effective selling solution for all property types: Whether you’re looking to sell a commercial building, farmland, a lake house, or luxury estate, the auction process is designed to effectively sell your property for its true market value. Cates Auction has over 75 years of experience selling residential, commercial, agricultural, lake, and luxury properties in Kansas and Missouri. Our team knows how to help you sell your property to the best buyer within your time frame.
 Sell Your Home Fast

Managing the Auction and More

At Cates Auction & Realty, we handle the entire auction process and work with you to help your home sell in a quick, streamlined fashion for true market value. We know you’re looking for the fastest way to sell a home in Kansas City, and we can help you sell quickly. To do this, the Cates Auction team will do the following:
  • Determine the timeline and approach for your property.
  • Promote your property using our award-winning saturation marketing techniques
  • Auction your property using online bidding, on-site bidding, or a combination of both.
Our time-proven process has helped hundreds of Kansas and Missouri residents achieve satisfaction in their home selling process. We have over 75 years of experience in the Kansas City market. We leverage our expertise so you can get qualified buyers for your home in 30 days or less.

Are You Ready To Find Your Home’s Value?

Take advantage of our experience and knowledge when you want to sell a house fast in the metro Kansas City area. Since 1942, we’ve been working with area homeowners all around Missouri and Kansas to market and sell their properties quickly and efficiently for true market value. Trust the Cates Auction team when you need to sell your home fast in Kansas City. Take the first step today by filling out our free, no obligations property auction analysis that helps us determine the true market value of your home.

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