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Because the Conventional Way of Selling Properties
Doesn’t Always Make Sense.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your property has been sitting on the market for way too long.
  • You’ve been waiting—for your property to sell, to find qualified buyers, and to hear back after showings.
  • It feels like your property is lacking visibility, and that there are no buyers out there for you.

Auction Strikes Back.

Cates Auction harnesses the power of marketing technology to generate qualified buyers for properties just like yours. Starting in the tobacco industry in 1942, then moving on to estate and real estate sales, we’ve been fostering demand for 4 generations.

When it comes to supply and demand, especially in real estate, demand always calls the shots. That’s why we’ve created an innovative online marketplace for competitive bidding, geared toward bringing buyers to the table.

Our Selling Process


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Traditional vs. Cates Auction

Traditional Cates Auction
Predictable Timeline No Yes
Seller Control No Yes
Buyer-Paid Commission No Yes
Transparency No Yes
Contingency-free No Yes
93% Sales Ratio (Avg.) No Yes
98% Closed Ratio (Avg.) No Yes

Seller FAQs


With Cates Auction, there is no sales commission charged to the seller. We don’t profit until your home sells, so our sellers are only responsible for the flat fee investment of marketing their property.

We auction all types of real estate. From Residential, Commercial, and Land, we have successfully sold it all at auction.

From start to finish, the average timeline for a Cates Marketing & Auction Campaign is 6 weeks. We devote the first 5 weeks to curating the right bidders through research, planning, promotion, and exposure. Bidding commences in the final week.

After the close of the auction, the buyer has 30 days to close on the property.

No, as a licensed brokerage, we can act as your sell-side agent. However, we can also work directly with your agent, if you already have one.

You don’t have to. At Cates Auction, we see auction as an added tool that fills in the limitations of the traditional brokerage model, rather than an alternative.

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