Tips For Helping Parents Sell a Home in Kansas City

No matter how strong your love for your parents, the thought of seeing them through a home sale and downsizing can feel overwhelming. Sometimes even elderly or aging parents are torn about whether to move or not, which can escalate fears and uncertainties.

Many times the individuals and couples who most need to downsize are also the ones who are most embedded in their homes. Your parents are looking to you for the support and assistance they need to take this next step in life. But just because it’s the right choice, doesn’t make it an easy decision.

Where Do You Begin?

Preparing a home for sale is always challenging, especially when the existing residents have been there for decades. These many tasks include:

  • Planning: There are several competing priorities to balance and orchestrate when downsizing. When will the new home be ready? What will be moved, and what can’t go? How will unneeded items be eliminated? When will the current house sell?
  • Donating, Discarding, Selling: Downsizing means tough decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. Undoubtedly some items will need to be hauled away or donated, but many things are probably worth selling. It’s just a matter of figuring out how.
  • Marketing: How can you find the biggest pool of prospective buyers for your parents’ property? A larger pool of buyers means more competition and a higher potential return on investment (ROI)
  • Selling: It’s essential to choose the right selling strategy and professionals that best meet the unique needs of your parents’ transition. Their home is likely one of their most valuable assets, and this sale is the opportunity to gain the greatest return while minimizing the hassle and concerns for them.
  • Keeping it Simple: It’s critical to avoid extra work for your family, the headaches of negotiations with demanding buyers, and the uncertainties of open-ended listings. You need to attend to the needs of your parents and focus on helping them settle comfortably in their new environment.

We’re Here to Help

At Cates Auction, we’re here for you and your parents. We’ve been helping elderly parents sell their homes in the greater Kansas City area for 8 decades. Our well-developed comprehensive senior transition auction services include marketing your parents’ home and securing the highest return on investment by facilitating an auction on the day of their choosing.

If downsizing includes selling belongings along with the real estate, our personal property auctions offer a quick and easy way to meet that need as well. If you’ve been asking questions about how to help your parents downsize their home, we have the answers and solutions. Let us simplify the process for you!

Cates Auction: Providing Transition Solutions Since 1942

You want experience on your side when downsizing elderly parents in Kansas City. At Cates Auction we offer 80 years of experience in working with parents just like yours to successfully and seamlessly downsize into the perfect new home for them.

We focus on understanding your parents’ goals and needs and then using our knowledge and experience to provide the perfect solution. Our team is unmatched in helping you and your parents sell their home in Kansas City.

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