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After 14 years on the market and countless disputes among the selling partners,  a 42 acre tract of commercial development land was the subject of a court-ordered partition sale to be conducted by the County Sherriff. The judge granted that the major law firms involved and commercial real estate broker, Newmark Grubb Zimmer, could select a professional auction company to execute a suitable advertising campaign and conduct the auction.  The Cates Team and Newmark Grubb Zimmer partnered on an eight-week national marketing campaign employing print, digital, direct and online advertising.  10 registered bidders battled for ownership and the property sold for $3,465,000.

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“Why would someone sell real estate at auction?”
  It’s a question I hear daily and the answer is short and simple.

Auction is often the best means sellers have to ensure they’re getting the highest prices the market will bear for their properties. Aggressive marketing, coupled with competitive bidding, works and benefits both seller and buyer.

Which is exactly why I represent auction sellers for commercial real estate and residential estate sales. The process takes less time and inflicts less stress and inconvenience on my clients. Not only that, but the terms and conditions at auction produce only qualified buyers which result in fewer, if any, lost sales. Since real estate auctions are contingency-free, there won’t be any laundry lists of items the buyer wants corrected; no waiting for them to sell their home or arrange final financing terms and approvals.

When I decided to shift my career to real estate auctions, there was only one choice. Cates Auction & Real Estate Company is a family owned and operated real estate brokerage with a 75-year history of success and integrity. I sleep well at night.

Real Estate Auction Specialist

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It was a pleasure working with you, Ray, and all of the other folks from Cates. The auction was a huge success compared to what it would have been with just the statutory notice and without Jeff actually prying bids out of people. Everyone from our camp was thoroughly impressed and you can count on the fact that whenever we have a need for the services you all provide, you’ll be on the top of our list.

Greer S. Lang, Partner
Lathrop & Gage, LLP

One of Ray's Recent Clients
Prime Kansas City Commercial Development Land Auction Results


Carolyn’s brother had passed away in his modest three bedroom ranch in Lee’s Summit, MO only months after he was widowed.  Because Carolyn and the rest of the family lived three hours away, the increasingly complicated situation was overwhelming for the family.  The home was in considerable disrepair, had no central air conditioning and needed attention.  Her brother also had a unique art collection and other interesting collectibles as well as his newer, low mileage special edition Z-28 Camaro.  The Cates team went to work on a 30-day real estate and personal property auction marketing campaign.  After 60 realtor showings, two open houses with 49 visitors and 45 phone inquiries about the property, 147 bidders competed for the home and personal property.  Carolyn hoped the home would bring $40-$50,000 in its current state.  The home sold for $78,650.

Thanks! What a great job! I would recommend Cates to everyone. We did not know what to do when my brother passed away and left us a mess. Ray Bucklew told us we needed an auction. Of course he caught us when we were hot and very tired. He was very kind to my 86 year old mother and she was doing the best she could. She lost her youngest child and only son, then a week later lost her baby brother – 14 years younger than her. She even gave in and sold a beautiful car we really wanted to keep but knew Mom needed the money more than we needed that Bumblebee! Gee! I even miss all of Ray’s phone calls! Hi Ray!

Carolyn B., Seller

One of Ray's Recent Clients
A Heartbreaking Estate Case with Amazing Auction Results!